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The aims of the English courses are:

  •  to help each student develop and formulate his or her own ideas, through varied and skilful forms of expression: speaking and listening, reading and writing.
  •  to give each student an enjoyment and understanding of modern and older texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, media and drama texts.
  •  to encourage the development of social, moral, cultural and spiritual values through the study of texts and discussion of themes.
  •  to encourage students to appreciate the writer’s craft and develop these techniques in their own writing.

Texts are at the heart of our schemes of work because they record and communicate what people have learned from experience and how they make sense of their lives in different periods and societies. In all schemes of work there is a strong emphasis on communication skills, both formal and informal. Pupils will write convincingly for different purposes and audiences and enter fully into the imaginative world of texts.  Analysing texts enables young people to recognise both honest and misleading representations and persuasion.

At KS3 schemes of work and assessment follow National Curriculum guidelines. At KS4 we follow the AQA English qualifications. All classes are banded into sets according to ability and needs. Students are placed into sets based on teacher assessments. All KS3 lessons begin with ten minutes of individual or paired reading. This encourages exploration of a variety of texts and promotes personal reading. We follow the OCR A Level syllabus for English Literature. Students study a variety of Prose, Drama and Poetry.