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New Uniform - Autumn Term 2017

We are pleased to announce that after consultation with students the decision has been reached to change The Sele School Uniform with effect from the start of the Autumn Term 2017. While the existing uniform is smart, students felt that they would like to move to a brighter look with the school's maroon colour featuring in the new blazer and with an updated look for the tie and the school badge.

Letters have been sent home to all parents of children in Years 7 to 10 with details of the new uniform and expectations. Copies of the letters can be found by clicking on the 'Letters sent home' tab.

Students joining Year 7 in September will all wear the new uniform. Students in current Years 7, 8 and 9 can choose to continue with the old uniform or can change to the new uniform immediately. Students currently in Year 10 will retain the old uniform without exception. 

It is appreciated that there will be a short period during which some students will be wearing the new and some wearing the old uniform; the same high standards of dress as usual will be expected in both cases. The Sele School has a good reputation for the smartness of our students, of which we are justifiably proud; views on consultation were that the new uniform will further enhance the image of the school. 

It is important that parents and students are aware that items cannot be 'mixed and matched' in all cases students must either wear items that are all from the new uniform (maroon blazer, grey trousers or skirt, new tie) or all taken from the old uniform (black blazer, black trousers or skirt and striped tie). We hope that as students grow out or wear out items in the old design we will see the new look being adopted.

If you are in any doubt about the purchase of uniform items please contact the school beforehand to check.