The Sele School


Learning transforms and enriches the lives of every individual. We believe strongly in working collaboratively whilst developing their independence by providing our students with a challenging and inspiring curriculum that drives them to realise their full potential and meet the highest standards of success. 

Teaching & Learning

The Learning Journey

A personalised learning journey prepares our students for the unseen demands of an ever-changing world and ensures that they are equipped with a wide set of skills for jobs that are yet to exist. This journey provides students with the knowledge and transferable skills needed to take the successful and aspiring steps towards the next stage of their educational journey, whether it is preparing for exams, exploring vocational routes or reading a subject at university. We teach our students to become active, responsible citizens who can solve problems and question the world around them in a resilient and informed manner.

The Curriculum Model

The necessity to provide a flexible and inclusive curriculum model underpins our ethos. Whilst offering a broad and balanced set of core subjects that form the foundation, we encourage students to select a personalised range of complimentary subjects to support their own aspirations.  We offer the English Baccalaureate whilst also enriching the curriculum with a variety of subjects within the creative arts. The breadth of our curriculum ensures that we optimise the development of every student, valuing both the academic and vocational pathways, as well as maximising social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

Learning Experiences

Education is much more than what goes on inside the classroom. We pride ourselves in also providing meaningful learning experiences outside of the classroom to enhance our curriculum. A variety of extra-curricular visits such as day trips to France, the theatre, galleries and universities, as well as residential trips to Belgium, and Spain, and ski trips broaden our students’ life experiences and raise ambitions.

An extensive extra-curricular programme allows students to explore personal passions and develop individual talents in a variety of activities that underpin the core skills and values of our curriculum. Cross-curricular learning provides students with the skills needed to be entrepreneurial and apply what they have learnt in any context. 


The future offers countless opportunities and our former students have explored a wide array of career paths. Students have our sixth form to attend Russell Group universities reading subjects such as medicine, science, mathematics and civil engineering. Vocational avenues have seen some of our students undertake apprenticeships with internationally acclaimed businesses including Rolls-Royce and a Savile Row tailor. 

Join us at The Sele School and together we can unlock your ideal future.