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Information Technology

At The Sele School we consider Computing to be a key feature of education. The school has five centrally networked rooms, each capable of taking a full class.

Students never have to share computers as we have a student to computer ratio of better than 1:3. There are twenty computers serving technology, art and graphic design; Special Needs also has a cluster of ten computers with further clusters of computers in the Sixth Form Suite, English rooms and Library.

All the computers are networked so that students can pick up their work anywhere in the school. In the summer of 2014 a fully managed wireless network was installed across the school, this supports all WiFi enabled devices.   

At KS3, all students have timetabled Computing lessons where they are taught all the basics of computer programming and digital literacy.

At KS4 students follow GCSE ICT.   We also offer a Level 3 qualification at AS/A2 Level in IT. 

Most subjects use IT heavily and our facilities are sufficiently generous to allow this. Our computer facilities are open to school students during the lunch hour and after school.

Our aim is to ensure that by the time our students leave the school they will see IT as a useful learning tool. They will also be able to demonstrate to employers that they have had experience of modern commercial software - a real advantage in today's competitive world.