The Sele School

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages at Sele are taught up to A level. We teach Spanish and French on a rolling basis, with students given the opportunity to not only learn these languages, but also grow a far deeper cultural appreciation of these countries, as well as others where the language is spoken.

There are many facets to the teaching of MFL at Sele, such as trips and visits and immersive experiences on Enrichment Days. We communicate in the target language during lessons in order to sharpen and extend the students’ understanding of the language and we encourage their spontaneous use of the language.

Most students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are encouraged to study a Modern Foreign Language; either French or Spanish, depending on which language they have been learning. This will ensure the ability to get an English Baccalaureate qualification if taken with a Humanities subject.

Our aims are to provide a worthwhile language-learning programme that has a value beyond school for the world of work, holidays or further study. At each and every level, communication is the key. 

Key Stage 3

Students cover the topics of myself and my home life, school, hobbies, town and holidays. They cover a wide range of grammar structures and by the end of the key stage they should be able to use three tenses confidently and use a wide range of vocabulary. Students are assessed at the end of each module and sit an end of year exam. Throughout the year, all skill areas are assessed.

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Year 7 French 

Year 8 Spanish

Year 9 French

Key Stage 4 

Students consolidate the learning that has taken place in Key Stage 3 and the focus is on the GCSE exam criteria. More complex vocabulary and grammatical structures are taught in order for all students to be able to aspire to achieve a Grade 9. Students cover the topics which form part of the three themes assessed at GCSE – Identity and Culture, Local, National, International and Global; Areas of Interest and Current and Future Study and Employment. Students are given strategies and techniques for completion of each of the GCSE papers and Mock Exams are sat at several points throughout the two-year course.

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Year 10 Spanish  

Key Stage 5

Students study the broad topics of Aspects of Hispanic Society, Artistic Culture in the Hispanic World, Literature and Film, Multiculturalism in Hispanic Society and Aspects of Political Life in the Hispanic World. Students have the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills gained throughout their previous learning and are able to delve into the more sophisticated topics of the role of women, the use of technology and social media, festivals, the influence of idols. They must study a work of literature or a film.