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Modern Foreign Languages

The National Curriculum requires all students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 to study a Modern Foreign Language;  either French or Spanish. This will ensure the ability to get an English Baccalaureate qualification if taken with a Humanities subject.

Our aims are to provide a worthwhile language-learning programme that has a value beyond school for the world of work, holidays or further study. At each and every level, communication is the key. 

Effective communication involves one or more of the skills of listening, speaking, reading or writing. Students participate in an active learning process using these skills thus enabling them to communicate successfully in the foreign language in everyday situations and on topical issues.

The first language (Spanish) is taught to everyone in Year 7 with the second language (French) offered in Year 7 dependent on ability. These subjects will then be offered at GCSE and can be studied at A Level either at The Sele School or through the consortium partnership. 

Throughout all Key Stages we use a multi-media approach to the acquisition of language skills including trips and visits abroad, a wide variety of books, magazines, authentic documents, work sheets, role-play materials and cue cards. Under the National Curriculum guidelines students are also expected to use the language for communication in the classroom, to appreciate and learn grammatical structures and to acquire a wide range of vocabulary. 

Students are also expected to learn about cultural differences via school visits abroad, exchanges and extra-curricular activities.  The aim is to broaden and enrich the students’ learning experience.