The Sele School

 More Able Students

Ensuring that all of our students achieve their full potential is the fundamental ethos of The Sele School. However, we recognise the need to ensure that our more able students are challenged in order to enable them to have the best opportunities to perform to the best of their ability.

Here, at The Sele School, we have More Able Guidance, which aims to:

  • create an ethos where it is positive to accelerate Learning and achieve;
  • encourage all students to become independent learners;
  • be aware of all the effects of other factors and circumstances on learning and high achievement (e.g. gender and ethnicity);
  • provide an environment to appropriate, differentiated education;
  • provide opportunities to develop specific skills or talents;
  • raise awareness of the More Able students to opportunities available in the outside world;
  • work with parents, students and the wider community to achieve these aims;
  • encourage, challenge and support More Able students to enable them to reach their potential in all areas of endeavour;
  • regularly monitor the progress and teaching of More Able students. 

 More Able Co-ordinator

The More Able Co-ordinator tracks and monitors the termly progress of our whole school more able students and discusses progress with the individual student and parents where necessary. The More Able Co-ordinator is also responsible for overseeing and setting up whole school initiatives that are specifically designed for the more able student.

If you would like to discuss our approach to More Able Students, please contact Mrs Burgess 

Details of our approach to more able students are below.  

Teaching and Learning Programme

  • In our more able policy, our Heads of Faculties are responsible for ensuring there are opportunities for extended, enhanced and enriched learning for our more able students.
  • The school aims to develop teaching and learning programmes that meet the needs of the cohort. It is the responsibility of subject areas and Heads of Faculties to ensure the delivery of a differentiated and challenging curriculum so that extension and enrichment activities are embedded into the curriculum.
  • The identification and use of the More Able register ensures targeted planning for the cohort. In addition, extra-curricular, as well as special enrichment activities, form part of this programme.  A variety of trips and events are organised where possible. 

 Enhanced learning – could be in the form of using the curriculum and schemes of work to embed higher thinking skills, and also could be using non-curricular areas of a specialism to enhance learning.

 Enriched learning – we follow the expertise of our Heads of Faculty to create interest and ignite passions in their subject area. It takes the form of entering national competitions, inviting experts and professionals into school to talk and run workshops, as well as arranging visits and trips to specialist places and areas.

 Faculty Opportunities

  • UKMT challenges;
  • University Masterclasses;
  • OCR Additional Maths;
  • Glaxo visits and Science placements;
  • Specialist talks and visits;
  • Literary Magazine;
  • National competitions;
  • Leadership opportunities;
  • Creative Writing Competitions;
  • Humanities Debating Club

Identification of More Able Students 

At The Sele School, our more able cohort represents the top 10% achievers in the school. These are initially identified from the data received from their Key Stage 2 results.

Departmentally, teachers and heads of department use their expertise to identify the more able in their specialism.

There is also a third way, and that is identification through extra-curricular activities. We can be informed of them by parents, coaches, other students, even the student themselves. Please inform me of any student you know that is achieving at a very high standard.

Qualities for look for:

  • Curiosity
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Wonder
  • Wisdom
  • Inventiveness
  • Vitality
  • Flexibility