The Science department has been refurbished with over £400,000 of investment, each laboratory has an interactive whiteboard and there are a wide range of teaching materials designed to promote whole class and individual learning. There are extra-curricular activities and extra support lessons on offer to all students.

All Science classes are taught by specialist staff and students are divided into pairs or small groups for practical work. Another of our strengths is that we cater for students of all abilities, from those with special needs to those who will enter Oxbridge and other prestigious universities.

Throughout our science courses, a strong emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of the scientific method. Hence, from Year 7 onwards, students are encouraged to plan and carry out their own investigations and are shown how to collect and process data and draw justified conclusions. 

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 we endeavour to provide all students with a basic science education which will enable them to achieve to the best of their ability. Students in Years 7 to 9 are taught in sets according to ability and explore a range of science topics in accordance with the National Curriculum; upper set students follow a two year KS3 course starting GCSE study at the beginning of Year 9. 

Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 all students study for either the AQA Combined Trilogy Science or Triple Science GCSE certificate.

The courses are both divided into three separate Sciences:  Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In contrast with previous GCSE courses, much emphasis is now placed on “How Science Works”.

The assessment procedure is based solely on terminal examinations. There is a strong emphasis on scientific literacy and students will develop these skills along with their numeracy skills in their study of Science. As part of the course the students complete required practical experiments and are tested on their understanding of these in the final exams.  

Useful information about the content of the Curriculum can be found in the following documents:

Science Core Evening Slides, Biology Specification GCSE Combined, Biology Specification GCSE Triple, Physics Specification GCSE Combined, Physics Specification GCSE Triple 

Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form, students are able to study for the AS/A2 level examinations in each of the three sciences, the OCR syllabus is followed with assessment based upon a series of terminal examinations. Students are encouraged to develop their ability to research and work independently in preparation for university level study.

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