The Sele School

Student Health and Well-Being

We are fortunate to be able to offer in-school counselling, which is available to all students. As well as 1:1 counselling students are able to visit the drop-in sessions that are held during break time every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; students can request referral to counselling via their Pastoral Leader.     

This video, presented by School Counsellor, Jo Axton, exemplifies the approach that we take to supporting and enhancing the mental health and well-being of our students. 

Please follow the link to our Guide to Wellbeing Booklet, produced by School Counsellor Jo Axton.

Students can also access an anonymous text messaging help service called Chathealth; please follow the link below for more information.


In addition to dealing directly with students health needs, health and well-being are also promoted throughout the school in a wide variety of ways. These include a focus on health and fitness in parts of the curriculum, the focus on healthy eating in our school meals, drinks and snacks available on-site plus an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs providing after-school sports and activities.

Promotion of fitness, the health benefits and the fun that participation in sport provides comprises an important aspect of our Extra Curricular offering, details of which are published on the website. We also recognise that well-being is improved by taking part in a range of activities which engage the student's interest and which might not always be fitness based; our extra curricular programme therefore aims to offer a wide range of options including, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Robotics Club, Choirs and Drama Club.   

Healthy Eating at The Sele School

At the Sele School, our approach to food goes beyond teaching in the classroom and lunch-time. We support Public Health England's drive to develop a good school food culture that will develop healthy eating habits so our students can live healthier, longer lives. We work closely with our catering partners to reduce the amount of processed foods, sugars and salts served to our students. We aim to provide our students a range of foods from around the world - Herts Catering Signature Menu - to develop their gastronomical experience as well as their global awareness. At The Sele School, we care about what we feed our students.

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