Teaching and Learning

The Sele School has strong values and high academic standards which support the very highest expectations we have of all our students. We are proud to be a comprehensive school which means that we serve students of all abilities. We cater for these varying strengths and abilities in different ways which ensures that all our students are appropriately encouraged, supported and challenged to reach their full potential.

Students are generally ‘set’ according to their ability, particularly as they move up the school and even within sets, teachers differentiate tasks and resources carefully to meet the needs of our students. More Able students are identified at an early stage and provision is made for them within each teaching group, through quality differentiation where the students are stretched and challenged accordingly. The progress of these students is regularly reviewed and strategies are put in place to support accelerated progress. Students with learning difficulties are taught by identifying challenging targets for improvement; the use of differentiated teaching materials and various classroom management strategies. Academic progress is monitored regularly through Academic Review Days and Parents’ Evenings which are informed by subject reports throughout the year. 

Lessons at The Sele School are characterised by excellent planning, clear outcomes, good pace and progression as well as challenge and varied activities. It is our goal to foster a love for learning throughout life. We strive to teach and embed skills of independence and resilience to help our students access Further and Higher Education; a competitive workforce and modern society. 

We believe that learning can take place anywhere and by no means just in the classroom.  Consequently, we encourage our students to get the most out of every experience and opportunity. In this context, we provide a rich and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities and Enrichment Days, which help students develop important leadership and inter-personal skills and qualities, as well as further their knowledge. 

The Sele School is committed to working in partnership with parents and care-givers to attain academic excellence in a supportive, learning-orientated and friendly environment.