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Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

The Sele School Duke of Edinburgh award is well underway with 21 students taking their bronze level and currently completing their independent tasks in volunteering, skills and physical sections of the award.

Students are doing a range of activities including volunteering for CHIPS which is a Hertfordshire based children’s play scheme that offers children with additional needs from the ages of 3 to 19 years social opportunities and chances to interact that they might not be able to access on a regular basis. Some of our students are also helping run activities for cubs and scout groups and a range of other locally based clubs for children.

In the skills section students are undertaking a wide range of activities including learning Latin, Photography, taking singing and acting lessons or playing a musical instrument. In addition some students have chosen to coach young children in football and some are creating scale models using CAD-CAM.

On the physical side students are working out in the Gym, taking Judo and Karate lessons and playing a range of team sports including Netball, Football and Hockey.

These are just a snippet of activities from a broad range in which students are taking part. They will all be continuing this element of the course until March when they will be taking the expedition course, learning a range of outdoor skills including First aid, Camping and Team Building to name but a few.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of students who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme for their encouragement and support. As a school we have been really impressed by the way students have independently taken to this challenge with the enthusiasm and dedication that is needed to succeed on this demanding programme.

Current Year 9 students have the opportunity to start the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in June next year and we will be looking for keen participants next summer to join this exciting journey. For further information see the DofE website