The Sele School

Governor Vacancies

 There are currently vacancies for three Parent Governors.

Please see the letter below from Mr Quach regarding the election of Parent Governors

Dear Parent or Carer 


Following my letter to you in December, we have received one nomination for the role of Parent Governor. However, three vacancies for Parent Governors remain and I am writing to invite nominations. Please think about becoming a governor or encouraging others to volunteer. 

Parent governors are welcomed as valued members of the Governing Body and play an important role; the Governing Body works together as a group, meeting about five times year for Full Governing Body Meetings, with additional sub-committee meetings every term. Governors are jointly responsible for the strategic direction of the school, promoting high standards of educational achievement and ensuring our resources are used to maximum impact. 

Life as a governor is interesting and varied and we feel sure that there are parents prepared to take on this important role and give their time and commitment to helping us to continue to improve the school’s performance. In looking to fill this vacancy the Governors of the school have identified the following skills, experience and attributes that they feel would help strengthen the governing body:  

Experience in business, administration or finance; working in a people facing role; management of people or systems; work in education or related settings; work with young people or in a training and learning environment; an interest in education and/or  safeguarding and equalities to enable all young people to have the best start in life. 

Please note that we wish our Governing Body to represent the whole school community and would be happy to receive applications from people who have worked in other fields, who have other skills and experience. We are also aware that participation in a variety of activities in a voluntary capacity will add to the valuable experience you are able to bring to your role as a Sele Governor.  

Training and support will be available to help you develop into the role. This will include in-house mentoring and support as well as access to external governor training; those new to being a governor are expected to attend induction training. 

The term of office for parent governors is four years. For further information about the role please get in touch with the Headteacher or with Sophie Bruton, Clerk to the Governors ( or telephone 01992 581455 x 134); Sophie works part time but will be return your call/email at the earliest opportunity and will be happy to help. 

If you would like to stand for election, please complete and sign the attached nomination form and return to the school office, no later than 12 noon on Friday 14 January 2022

Please include a few details about yourself and why you would like to become a Governor (not exceeding 200 words). This will then be circulated to all parents to help them decide who to vote for if an election is required; you do not have to complete this section, but if you don’t you may put yourself at a disadvantage if there is an election. 

An election, by secret ballot, will be held if more nominations are received than the number of vacancies. If an election is needed details of the procedure will be sent to all parents early in the New Year. 

Nominations must be from parents or carers with children at the school on the day that nominations close. The enclosed sheet summarises the disqualification criteria to serve as a governor. Anyone standing for election must certify that he/she is not disqualified for any reason. 

Please note that Governors are required to apply to the Disclosure and Barring Service for a DBS Certificate when appointed and the school will advise on this process. In addition Governors names are published on our website and they are required to provide certain information (for example about Business and Pecuniary Interests) that is also published on the school website; if you wish for further detail please check the Governance Section of our website.   

Parents/carers who have paid employment in The Sele School for 500 hours per academic year or more or who are elected members of the Local Authority are not eligible to stand in these elections. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely 

Mr Chris Quach


If you would like more information about Sele Governing Body please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body.