The Sele School


We wish every student great success in their Examinations and trust that thorough preparation will be undertaken. On this page and other related pages, you will find a wealth of information that we hope will be of assistance in preparing for and sitting Examinations. 

The Sele School Examinations Policy can be found on the by going to the 'Sele A to Z' tab and clicking on Policies. Additional policies referred to in the Examinations Policy can be obtained on request from the Examinations Officer, Mrs Walsh.  

Public examinations have to be conducted according to JCQ rules and regulations.   You can find documents outlining these rules and regulations by following the JCQ links below; other helpful information is also available on this website.

It is important that all of our students fully understand these rules and abide by them at all times. Among other things, there are several regulations relating to stationery that is permitted in the exam room; please see the stationery list page of the website. All students will need to have the correct equipment for their exams as this will not be provided for them. 

It is imperative that students arrive in good time for each examination. If a problem arises on the day, which may cause a student to be late, please contact the school immediately to advise Mrs Walsh of the issue. 

If on the day of the examination a student is too ill to attend; you must notify school immediately and send in a medical certificate from a GP within one week of the examination missed.  Failure to do so will result in you incurring the cost of the examination.  Special considerations may be taken to the Board as a result of illness, but it is at the Examination Board’s discretion whether they will consider any request we might make. 

Mobile phones are not permitted in the examination room and we cannot be responsible for their safety. Our advice is that they are left in lockers, locked away, rather than in bags outside the examination room but they can no longer be held in the examination room by the invigilators. 

The Board has stated that smart watches should not be brought into the examination room and advised that to avoid any issues and wasting of examination time, wrist watches should also be left outside the examination room. There will be clocks in the examination rooms to assist students with timings of answers and to ensure no student is disadvantaged. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding the examinations, please do not hesitate to contact the Examinations Officer, Mrs Walsh.