Current Governors

The table below lists the current members of the Governing Body at The Sele School, specific areas of interest and any Faculty Links for each Governor. Membership of the Business Management Committee, which is a Governor sub-committee is also listed. 




Community Governors


Mr Peter Beattie

Chair of Business Management Committee

Year 11

Mr Stephen McEnally

 Business Management Committee


Most Able Students

Year 7

Ms Sian Shrimpton-Davies


Year 8

Mr Matthew Smith

Vice Chair of Governors

Vice Chair of Business Management Committee

Data Protection Officer

Data Manager

Key SIP area: 

Outcomes for children and other learners

Health & Safety

Mrs Lorena Diomidous

Music and Drama

PE and Dance

Parent Governors


 Mrs Julia Bateson 


Chair of Governors

Business Management Committee


SEND/ Safeguarding 

Sixth Form

Careers Guidance

Key SIP areas:

Effectiveness of leadership and management

Personal development, behaviour and welfare 

Mrs Natasha Browne

Business Management Committee

Communications Faculty

Key SIP area:

Quality of Teaching and Learning

Year 10

Student and Staff Well-being

Mr Napoleon Quashie Ahiable

Art and Tech

Computing and Business 

Teacher & Support Staff Governors    

 Mr Paul Pickard 


Teaching Staff

Year 9

Mrs Alison Steaggles


Ex-Officio in Attendance


Mr Chris Quach

 Business Management Committee Headteacher

Miss Tosca Hein

  Deputy Headteacher

Mr Jonathan Durbin

Business Management Committee

Business Manager

Ms Sophie Bruton

Business Management Committee

Clerk to the Governors

Deputy Data Protection Officer

Governors can be contacted via: