Nicholas Binder BSc (Hons), MBA  — Headteacher

At The Sele School we passionately believe that every child does matter and that they deserve to enjoy their learning experience with us. Our dedicated staff place students’ interests at the centre of everything they do, ensuring that students have high aspirations and are able to reach their full academic potential. 

We aim to instil students with a love of learning; to prepare them for challenge, but also to embrace change; to teach them to ask questions as well as find answers and to understand that learning should be a life long journey.

We pride ourselves on engendering an ethos governed by mutual respect; a diligent approach to learning and high standards for all. We are preparing students for life where competition will become more global, where the influence of technology will mean that change will come ever faster, and where the ability to be flexible, respond to challenge and be emotionally resilient will become ever more important.

Our mission is to achieve high standards and fulfil the expectations of all students of all abilities by making teaching and learning our focus. We recognise that if a child is to accomplish those ambitions and improve their life chances it is essential that we work in partnership with parents and carers.

Neil Dunn