Headteacher's Welcome

At The Sele School, we aim to give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school.

A school community serves its students well when it is aspirational for them. At The Sele School, we believe in a knowledge-rich curriculum which encourages students to become scholars. Scholarship elicits the passion to be curious; to ask searching questions; to debate rationally; to develop deep thinking and independence skills and ultimately become a hard-working member of the wider community. 

Our aim at The Sele School is to reveal and foster our students’ character: success requires great effort and responding to failure is recognised as a part of the learning process. These qualities are essential if we are to build a future in which citizens are resilient; can challenge social injustice and participate fully in society. It is equally essential if our students are to lead full and meaningful lives in both their personal and, later on, their professional lives. We challenge them to strive to be the best version of themselves.

Such education requires clear vision and ambition so that we can teach our students what it means to be a good citizen and a lifelong learner. Our vision of education is transformative and thus every child who comes to The Sele School will leave as confident individuals, capable of realising their potential and have the skills and knowledge to learn and become whatever they wish to become.

I invite you to come and see us in action, both on our website and on campus, to see how we support and nurture our pupils to achieve great things every day. 

Headteacher Mr Christopher Quach, BA (Hons), MEd (Cantab), PGCE, PACES, Dip. Trauma and Mental Health

Mr Quach started in post at The Sele School in April 2020. He is a Sidney Sussex Alumnus and completed his Masters in Education at the University of Cambridge achieving a Distinction and receiving an award for his research. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, a Post Graduate Advanced Certificate in Educational Studies and a Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health focusing on research from the field of psychology and neuroscience. He has held leadership posts in a range of schools across the nation and has over 18 years’ experience. Mr Quach is also a Specialist Leader of Education and has contributed to supporting schools in North London raise attainment and outcomes. He is a member of the British Educational Research Association and The British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society.