The Sele School

Electronic Payments

Parents are able to make electronic payments to the school for lunches, school trips, uniform and stationery using ParentPay. 

This enables parents to pay in advance online and to see what food and beverage selections their child makes at lunch and break, while also avoiding the need for students to bring cash into school. For more details of the lunch and break time payment system please see below. 

ParentPay can be accessed by visiting: or by clicking on the link on the school website homepage.

Food and beverages for students and staff at The Sele School are provided by Hertfordshire Catering.

Lunch and break time payment system

The Sele School uses the Live Register system; biometric technology is used to scan each student's finger and the identifying information from each individual is then converted into a number. This unique number is used by the system to identify each student and allow them to spend money from their cashless account - the number cannot be converted back into a fingerprint and the image of the finger print is not stored.

The process of setting up and using the cashless account for each student is very simple as follows:

Step 1  - Registration into the Live Register system 

An account is set up for each student. Their finger is scanned to create a unique number that links him or her to the account. If a student is entitled to free school meals the account is set up in exactly the same way and parents can add to the allowance if they so wish.

Step 2 - Cash is loaded onto the student's account

This can be done in the following ways:

  • By opening an online account and paying in by credit or debit card
  • By paying cash or cheque to the school
  • By putting money into the 'cash loader' in the Dining Room
  • For free school meal students, accounts are credited automatically on a daily basis and parents can add to this allowance using one of the methods above if they choose to do so     
Step 3 - Using the account to buy food at lunch or break time 
Each student chooses his or her lunch items and scans a finger at the till. The till will display his or her name, photo and account balance to the till operator who then deducts the cost of the food items from the total to complete the transaction.