The Sele School

Letters sent Home

Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Please note that because most letters are now sent by email, the text of the email and the date on which the communication was sent to Parents and Carers is shown below. Letters are listed with the most recent at the head of the list; older letters may be removed from this page. 

Bike to School Week 

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Thursday 23 September 2021

Dear Parent or Carer,

Next week is Bike to School Week

Help us to celebrate the joys of active and sustainable travel by taking part in Bike to School Week from 27 September to 1 October; a great opportunity to celebrate cycling and the benefits it has for personal health, general wellbeing and the environment. By cycling to school students contribute, not only to improving their own health but also to the health of all of their classmates and the wider school community, because fewer cars in the area close to schools means better air quality for all.

At The Sele School we encourage all of our students and members of staff to make active and sustainable travel their first choices where ever possible. Arriving at school by bike sets you up for the day and there are healthy breakfast options available on site to make sure you get the school day off to a great start.

Students who want to travel to school by bike need to complete a Cycle Permit Form, which should be signed by the student, their parent or carer and their Form Tutor. The purpose of the Cycle Permit Scheme is to ensure that students realise the importance of a correctly maintained bike and safe riding as they travel to and from school.

We hope that you will encourage participation in Bike to School Week – maybe the first step in establishing active and sustainable travel habits that could last a life time.

Kind regards, 

Sophie Bruton

Community Engagement Officer

Non-Uniform 'wear it pink' day

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Wednesday 22 September 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers 

Breast Cancer Now Fundraising Initiative 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Sixth Form students at The Sele School are putting together a ‘Wear It Pink Non-Uniform’ Day which will take place on Friday 22 October 2021. As a school we will ‘wear it pink’ to help support Breast Cancer Now to raise money for the life-saving research and for life-changing care that is given.

For more information, please go to: wear it pink | Breast Cancer Now

Students are able to wear their own, appropriate, clothing and we ask that one item is Pink in line with the ‘Breast Cancer Now, Wear It Pink’ theme, for example, a pink jumper, pink socks or pink trousers/skirt.  We ask that the students bring in a minimum donation of £1 for this event.  Form tutors will collect the donation from students during registration, on or before Friday 22 October.

Throughout the day Sixth Form students will also be hosting some Pink Events such as ‘The Big Pink Quiz, The Pink Tombola and The Pink Guess How Many game.

Thank you for your continued support of our aim to be a caring, giving community school.

Yours faithfully 

Mrs Lee                                                           Charlea Barfoot, Daisy Corbett & Curtis Storey

Head of Sixth Form                                        Charity Committee 

Positive Covid Case

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Wednesday 22 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Unfortunately, we have had reported, a cluster of positive PCR Covid cases in Year 9.  As a precaution we are now asking that all Year 9 students, take a lateral flow test every other day and report any positive tests to me on students should continue to test every other day until Friday 1 October 2021. 

Please send a photo of the positive result so that the numerical code is visible. Please do not report negative test results at this time.

If your child currently has Covid and is isolating, they do not need to take lateral flow tests.

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager 

Covid update from the Headteacher

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Wednesday 22 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am writing to provide further updates around the Covid cases in The Sele School. I have held phone conversations with Covid support team at Herts County Council and we are monitoring the situation. As it stands, we have clusters of cases but no evidence that any of the cases are leading to an outbreak. In comparison to other schools, Public Health England and the Department for Education have informed me we are managing the situation well. 

However, to further reduce the chance of transmission, we are reducing the school catering provision for a temporary time. The canteen will only be open at lunchtime with "grab and go" service until the clusters reduce. This will come into effect as of Monday 27 September. 

I would like to thank all the parents and carers for their contined support and with collective effort, we will navigate through this period with great success. 

Mr C Quach 

Headteacher; The Sele School

Covid Vaccione for 12 - 15 Year olds - Update from the NHS

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Tuesday 21 September 2021

Good afternoon,

Firstly, apologies that my email yesterday stated that the Covid vaccine was for 11-15 year olds; it is in fact for 12-15 year olds.  Students aged 16 will not be eligible at school.

I have checked with the Immunisation Team over another query that was brought up - if your child has had Covid recently, do they have the vaccine? This is the reply I received from the NHS team about this and the age related query:

'The vaccine is only licensed from age 12 so children must be 12 or older on the day of our visit to receive it.  Those in Year 11 who are 16 years old,  have been eligible to receive it as part of the mass vaccination programme since August and can attend vaccination centres. 

There must be a 28 day gap between a positive Covid test and the Covid vaccine.  This question is included on the consent form.' 

Finally, I realise a lot of parents are having trouble accessing the site via the link, the NHS have said this is due to slow processing because of high demand, therefore please persevere with the site.  I cannot take consent/decline invite for you unfortunately.  The NHS team sent this message with regard to the site: 

'We are experiencing very high numbers of parents wishing to use our consent portal at the moment. This has caused it to be much slower than usual. Please bear with us whilst our technical team works hard to fix this. We do apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience with us.'

 Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager

Covid vacine for 11 - 15 year olds

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Monday 20 September 2021

Good afternoon,

The NHS Immunisation Team have asked that we re-send the attached letter regarding the Covid-19 vaccine offered to 11-15 year old students.  I believe there was some difficulty initially logging on so please do try again if you were unable to do so. 

Parents are asked to either accept or decline the offer of a vaccine. Vaccination is due to take place on 20 October.

If you have already responded, you do not need to do anything else.

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager

Message from the Headteacher regarding Covid-19 safety measures

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Friday 17 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

In my last correspondence to Parents and Carers, I explained that we would implement mandatory wearing of face coverings by all staff and students if we received a further positive case of Covid-19.   We now have three reports of positive Covid-19 cases within our school community and therefore students and staff will be required to wear a face covering while inside the school setting as of Monday 20 September.  Your child should bring their own face covering; however, staff will hand out masks to those that do not have them. 

If students are exempt from wearing a mask, please do let us know and provide evidence of exemption.   

Please refer to my email dated 2 September for our 'Standard Operating Procedure' during Covid

If your child is confirmed as a close contact of a positive case of Covid, either within school, home or the wider community, they should take a lateral flow test each evening or early morning for 10 days. A photo of the test, whether negative or positive, should be sent to  

Kind regards

C Quach


KS4 Science Rotation Lessons

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Friday 17 September 2021

Dear Parent or Carer 

KS4 Science Rotation Lessons 

I am writing to inform you that following parental queries and feedback regarding the Key Stage 4 Science lessons, from Monday 20 September Science lessons will be taught on rotation by subject specialist teachers. 

Students will be issued with new timetables which will show the changes for Monday onwards. 

Please note: It is not possible at this stage to change the subject names on the timetable so it still reads like your son/daughter has only one subject, whether that be Ch (Chemistry), Bi (biology), or Ph (Physics). However you will notice that they no longer have the same teacher for all of their lessons and they will need to go to different rooms for different teachers. To clarify, on the timetable D10 is Chemistry lessons, D13 is Biology lessons, D4 is Physics lessons and D12 will be used for all subject areas. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Yours sincerely 

Mrs C Walsh

Data, Assessment & Examinations Manager

Important Covid-19 Information

The following message was sent to Parents and Carers on Thursday 16 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Unfortunately, we must inform all you that we have our first cross-bubble Covid-19 transmission, should we have a further positive case over the next 72 hours, the school will mandate wearing face coverings indoors again until further notice. We will continue to escalate our measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 to protect our whole school community and will keep you updated on any changes as and when necessary.

We respectfully ask that all of our school community adhere to our ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ (SOP), details of which were emailed to all Parents and Carers of our students on 2 September; please refer back to this email for details.

Part of our SOP includes the steps to follow should a student be identified as a close contact of a person who has tested positive for Covid-19, whether this is a person in school, a family member or part of the wider community.  Unfortunately, we have had a case where a student was in school and we were not notified that a family member had tested positive; this clearly puts our community at risk and could ultimately lead to the school facing partial closure due to staffing issues or having to put into place higher measures such as mandatory face covering.

We would like to remind all families that if their child attends The Sele School and has been in close contact with a positive case be it outside of school or not, they must follow our SOP and inform us. The student must test every night and send a photo of the result including the barcode to either that evening or by 8.30am the following day; the student must wear a face covering for ten days (unless exempt – please inform us, with evidence, if this is the case). Students will be sent home if they have not tested or do not wear face coverings. We would also like to remind all parents that a permanent exclusion can take place if a student’s actions place the health and safety of the community at risk such as refusing or failing to follow the school Covid-19 measures. If we determine that another family has not informed us of their child being a close contact and if this leads to another student/staff or their family member falling ill, we will have no choice but to take such actions. We take our responsibility for the duty of care to all in our school, very seriously and will do all within our power, to carry out this duty.

Kind regards

The Sele School

Health and Safety Team.


The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 15 September 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this email finds you well.

We recognise the importance of working together to ensure our safeguarding measures protect our young adults. Therefore, moving forward, The Sele School has created an email to allow any family member or member of the public to report safeguarding to a dedicated team. If you have any safeguarding concerns, please send them to:

This email is strictly controlled and only staff with the appropriate safeguard training can access the messages. It can also be found on our website under "Quick Links"

Kind regards,

Mr C Quach; Headteacher

Offer of Covid Vaccine to Students

The following message was sent to parents and carers of students in Years 7 to 11 on Tuesday 14 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware, the government's winter covid strategy is to rollout the Covid-19 vaccine programme to 12-15 year old children. As a parent, you have the right to accept or decline this offer and that is up to you, the parent to decide. Please use the attached letter from the NHS to opt in or opt out of the programme.

The school will have no role in this process and therefore informing us of your choice will have no effect - please do not email us your views or choice; we cannot be an advocate for you; you must use the link and unique code to accept/decline the offer. The link will close 12pm on Tuesday 19 October 2021.

The date of vaccination is set for Wednesday 20 October 2021 and the NHS will take use of our Hall and possibly Gym to roll out their programme on the day.

Kind regards,

Mr C Quach; Headteacher

Message from Mr Quach

The following message was sent to parents and carers on 7 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to introduce you to our Deputy Headteacher Mr Ross Gallacher. He is an experienced school leader who has worked in a number of schools in London. He is a Hertford resident who is looking forward to working with the local community.

Mr Gallacher will be overseeing the pastoral care at The Sele School. To ensure we continue to engage with stakeholders and improve the positive engagement with our students in school, we would like to ask for your views by completing this short survey via the link below

Kind regards

Mr C Quach and Mr R Gallacher

HPV Vaccine for Year 8 Students - 8 September 2021

The following message was sent to parents and carers on 7 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

An email was sent on 28 July regarding HPV immunisations for Year 8 students.  If you have already responded and have been online to accept or decline the vaccine, you do not need to take any further action.  If you have not responded or if your child has recently joined the school, please see information letter attached.

The NHS Immunisation Team will be in school tomorrow, Wednesday 8 September, to deliver the HPV vaccine to all students in Year 8. Please note that you MUST either consent or decline the offer of a vaccine for your child.  The attached letter has all the information you require. The online portal will close tonight at 10pm so please ensure you have logged on by this time.

Please note, I cannot accept email or verbal responses as the school is not running this, the NHS team are simply using our facilities. If you do not respond, the team will attempt to call you tomorrow and as you can imagine, this takes up valuable time so I do urge you to log on now and complete the consent.

Kind regards

Judith Adams

Office Manager


Lunch time rota

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Friday 3 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Having received feedback from all our stakeholders, we have revised the Lunch Rota to make it easier to understand and manage for staff and students alike. The changes mean every week a selected year group will start lunch break at 1.15pm and have the option for a sit-down lunch in the canteen or take out lunch to eat outside.  All other year groups will commence lunch at 1.25pm, for take away only, to be consumed in year group outdoor designated areas.  In this way, we comply with our Covid safe bubbles. 

As we begin the new academic year, some changes have been made to form tutors. Mr Roberts will be replacing Mr Atkins, Mrs Vivian will be replacing Mr Grinter and Mr O'Malley will be replacing Ms Osman. On Monday 6th September Years 8 to 13 will be expected to register in their form rooms promptly at 8:40am, while Year 7 will continue to register in the hall for the first week. (See table below for rooms). We have the school photographer in on Monday and therefore all students will be expected to be in full school uniform, PE kit should not be worn on Monday 6 September. 

Form Tutors and Room 

7A Mrs Winship A7 

7O Miss Coyle D13

7Z Mrs Brady C3


8A Mrs Pearce A12 

8O Miss Tait  A8

8Z Mr O’Malley A19 


9A Mr Maundrell F1 (Music)  

9O Mrs Clancy A9 

9Z Ms De Biasi C1

9S Mr Marmaras A17

10A Mr Eversley C4

10O Miss Adams A16

10Z Mrs Pescaru A18 


11A Mrs Vivian A20 (Drama studio) 

11O Ms Overington A10 

11Z Mr Roberts A11


 Kind regards

 Ms S Burgess and Mr C Quach

Covid Measures from September 2021

The following message was sent to all parents and carers on Thursday 2 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

As we look forward to welcoming our students when they return to school for the start of the 2021 – 2022 Academic Year, I am sure you are fully aware that Covid remains a threat both to your child’s education and to the health and welfare of our students, staff and the wider school community. The Sele School has an enviable record of managing the threat posed by Covid and minimising disruption to our students’ education; we are very positive about the need to retain this excellent record as we move forward into the Autumn Term. 

To try to ensure that our staff and students remain healthy throughout the term, we have introduced a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ (SOP) and expect all members of the school community to adhere to this until further notice. Staff have been issued with details of their SOP and the details below are specific to students; details of how the SOP will affect visits to the school by parents and others has also been included as ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for information. 

The measures that the school has put in place to try and minimise the possibility of Covid affecting your child’s education in the 2021 – 2022 Academic Year reflect the guidance given by the Local Authority and by Public Health England. The school reserves the right to amend any aspect of these measures at any time; should this be necessary parents will be informed direct by email and information on the school website will be updated. 

Please note that after 6 September 2021 The Sele School SOP will also be available on our website for reference. We know that our school community is highly responsible and therefore we trust that all concerned will do what is best for their family, the wider community, and our school. 

For clarification - all testing is to be conducted at home, this will NOT take place in school. 

Student SOP:

  • At home, test twice a week. Negative results do not need to be submitted to the school
  • Stay on the left-hand side when walking along the corridor or using the stairs
  • Socially distance wherever possible
  • Stay in zones and sanitise/wash hands regularly
  • Follow the school seating plan

Refusal to follow the SOP could result in any of the following sanctions: Fixed Term Exclusion; being offered an alternative timetable or a permanent exclusion for placing the health and safety of the school community at risk. Note that the list of possible sanctions contains examples, it is not exhaustive and does not represent the full scope of alternatives available to the school to manage the CV19 risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are parents allowed onto the school site? 

Unfortunately, during the school day, the school is not open for parents or the general public to visit. Only professionals or parents/carers with an agreed and identified purpose will be allowed on site via a booked appointment. Covid measures for visitors can be found on the school website after 6 September 2021. 

What if my child has been identified as a close contact of a positive case? 

The following steps must be followed; failure to do so will result in your child being refused admission into the school at any period during the first 10 days after contact with a person who has Covid. Where this is the case they will not be able to return to school until the steps have been followed. 

For 10 consecutive days starting from the day of contact with a positive case, you must:

  • Test every evening for 10 days and submit photographic evidence of results with visible barcode to Submission must be made by 8.30am; your child cannot attend the setting if you do not submit photographic proof of a negative test result with a visible barcode.
  • Identified "Close Contact Students" who do not have evidence of a negative test and are in school will be sent home
  • Wear a face covering for 10 days (unless you have medical exemption – if this is the case please ensure that the school has full details)
  • The staff have the right to move your designated seating to an isolated space in the classroom to increase social distancing

What if my child's lateral flow test is positive?

The student must isolate immediately, and a PCR test must be booked. Report the positive lateral flow test to school (and to the website) and once the result of the PCR is received, also report this to the school, these results should be sent to 

Continue to self-isolate until the result of the PCR test is received. Follow the advice you're given when you get the result. 

If the result of the PCR is negative, the student can return to school IF the advice on the test result states isolation is no longer necessary. If the result is positive, the student must isolate following the advice on the test result.

Information regarding tests and isolation can be found on the Government website 

What if I don’t agree with the Covid safety measures taken by the school? 

Whilst we respect the views of all members of the school community, it is essential that the health and well being of our staff, students and their families take priority and that we take a cautious approach to the management of Covid. As operational matters, these measures are specifically excluded from the scope of the school Complaints Policy, which cannot be used to challenge the school’s approach to this issue. 

If you wish to make your views known there may be options such as contacting your local MP or the Secretaries of State for Health and/or Education. As a school we will be unable to enter into correspondence about our SOP other than acknowledgement of receipt of any communications. 

Should you feel strongly that the measures The Sele School is taking are not compatible with your views another option may be to seek a school under the School Standards and Framework act 1998, which gives parents the right to choose another school. Should you wish to take this course of action The Sele School will work with you and the local authority to find a suitable alternative setting where you feel comfortable with the Covid measures. 

Of course we hope that you will agree that the SOP is a sensible and balanced approach to the challenges that we face in the coming year. I look forward to opening our doors to your children next week and have full confidence we will be able to keep the school open throughout this year if we work together. 

Kindest regards, 

Mr C Quach; Headteacher

The Sele School

T: 01992 581455

Message from the Headteacher

The following message from Mr Quach was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 1 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We are excited to open our doors again this September.  Below is a summary of key points I want to remind all our families: 

First day 

Friday 3 September - Year 7 (only): Transition 8.40am – 2pm (students should please bring a packed lunch on this day).

Monday 6 September - School opens to all years. Photographer in school.  

Start and End time

All students are to be in form rooms by 8.40am.

School finishes at 3.25pm every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 3pm on Thursday and Friday.  

Catering service will return to full action. We will be serving breakfast from 8am until 8.30am, break at 11am until 11.25am and also sit-in lunch (see attached rota). For lunch, we have created a staggered rota to ensure all students can safely access the dining hall. Please see the attached PDF for detail of the schedule.  


All students are expected in full school uniform. Due to Covid measures, students will not have access to lockers or changing rooms and they should therefore wear PE kit on the days they have PE scheduled on the timetable. 

Later in the week, I will be sending out another email regarding Covid 19 measures and a separate exams newsletter will go out to parents of students in Key Stage 4 and 5. 

Stay safe and thank you for your continual support, 

Kind regards, 

Mr C Quach; Headteacher 

Lateral Flow Testing 

The following message from Mr Quach was sent to parents and carers on 27 August 2021

Please direct any query to the Head's PA 

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we draw closer to the start of the school year, can I remind all families to ensure that any child attending The Sele School is completing lateral flow tests twice a week leading up to the first day back. Please, do not send your child into school if they have symptoms such as new or continuous cough, change or loss of taste or smell, high temperature – they must stay at home and book a PCR test.

If you do not have any lateral flow test kits, information on obtaining these can be found at the Hertfordshire County Council website.

Please also note the following message from Hertfordshire Local Authority:  

"Children and young people aged under 18 years and 6 months who usually attend an education or childcare setting and who have been identified as a close contact should continue to attend the setting as normal. Again, any child who is experiencing symptoms must not attend and parents and carers should be advised to book a PCR test or speak to their GP."

I will also send you a letter after Inset day outlining a summary of our covid specific measures on site.

If any student tests positive or have had direct contact with a positive case from today onwards, please let me know by emailing so I can work with Public Health England.

Kind regards,

Mr C Quach

Headteacher; The Sele School

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Please note that because most letters are now sent by email, the text of the email and the date on which the communication was sent to Parents and Carers is shown below. Letters are listed with the most recent at the head of the list; older letters may be removed from this page.  

A message from Mr Quach

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 21 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,
As this academic year is coming to an end, I want to thank everyone for their support, particularly with the last few days. 


From September, The Sele School will open it's doors to new students and new staff. Below are the details of the colleagues who will join us to support the school continue on its journey of excellence. We grow stronger and better with the in-depth expertise we have been able to recruit.


Senior Leadership Team
Mr Ross Gallacher, Deputy Headteacher; teaching Geography (from Heathcote school)


Ms Christina Koustouda (Chemistry Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5)
Mr Christian Burgess (from Richard Hale, physics KS3 to KS4)
Mrs Micahel Prodromou (Biology KS3 to KS5)
Mrs Sarwat Jahan (from Thomas Alleyne, A level biology )
Ms Joanna Conn (Lead Teaching and Learning Adviser Science, Herts County Council)
Ms Elena Duncan (Science Technician)
Mr Jamal Ahmed (Maths KS3 to KS3)


Pastoral Team
Ms Carol Stevens (From HCC)
Ms Jeanette Kirwin (From School Family Services)
Ms Lilly Crane


Learning Support Assistant 
Ms Alisa De Biasi
Ms Sophie Lyons


Network Manager
Mr Matt Robb (from Mount Grace)


On this note, I wish every family a safe and wonderful summer.


Kindest regards,


Mr C Quach

Update from Hertfordshire County Council

The following message has been received from Hertfordshire County Council and we have been asked to share it with parents and carers; it was sent on Wednesday 21 July 2021.

 Hertfordshire County Council have asked us to share the following update with you ahead of the end of term. 

Dear Parents and Carers 

Firstly, we would like to thank you for the efforts and sacrifices you have made to keep your nursery and school communities safe over the past 16 months. As we head into the summer holidays, we’d like to remind you of some of the ways we can all enjoy a safe summer together. 

While people will be excited at the prospect of restrictions being lifted on 19 July, others will be fearful or apprehensive. Remember, rules around self-isolation of close contacts for under 18’s do not change until 16 August 2021. We all need to be kind to each other as we move into this next phase. 

Covid-19 won’t end when the rules change, in fact cases are rising and we need to keep being sensible. It’s important to recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different and what feels comfortable to one person might not feel that way to another. Let’s keep looking out for one another and recognise that we’re all going to be moving forward at our own pace. 

What you can do to keep yourself and others safe 

Get vaccinated 

Vaccinations are now available for everyone aged over 18 who is eligible, you don’t need a GP and often don’t even need to book an appointment. Visit for local sites and regular pop ups. If you or children have medial conditions, please speak to your GP about your Covid-19 vaccination. 

Keep testing 

Regular rapid testing, including for those who are vaccinated, for everyone in year 7 and above (tests are not designed for use on children younger than this) can make a big difference, as most people don’t know they’re infected until they have infected others. You can order or collect free rapid tests locally, visit for more information. If you have symptoms get a PCR test and self-isolate. 

Look out for one another 

Give people space, wear face coverings in crowded indoor areas, keep your windows and doors open when you have people round, wash and/or sanitise hands. These measures have kept us safe and will keep us safe still. 

By looking out for one another we can help us keep infections low. There are many people needing healthcare for non Covid-19 reasons who have been waiting for some time. If Covid-19 cases continue to rise, people will have to wait longer for hospital and health care so let’s try to stop that by working together. 

We hope you all enjoy a safe and happy summer! 

Hertfordshire County Council 

Urgent Message - Remote Learning from Tuesday 20 July 

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Monday 19 July 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers

I have come to the decision that we will only open the school to vulnerable students and those of key workers from Tuesday 20 July.  These students will have previously been identified and we cannot currently accept additions to this list.  The school will not be open to other students from tomorrow, Tuesday 20 July, and instead they will access remote learning on Teams, until Thursday 22 July.  Some lessons are not transferable on Teams and teachers will email the work directly to the student’s school email account in this scenario, for the work to be completed offline.

The last day of term is Thursday 22 July.  Students will still have their end of year assembly and this will also run remotely.  The school day will finish at 11am on Thursday.

This difficult decision has been made for the safety of all our school community, students and staff alike, due to having three positive cases of Covid being reported to us over the last few days, covering various Year groups with a few more PCR test results still to be confirmed to school. 

Parents and carers of any student identified as having direct contact with the positive cases, will be contacted separately in order that the student may self-isolate for 10 days.

I would like to wish you all a good summer break and look forward to welcoming students back on Monday 6 September.

Kind regards

C Quach; Headteacher

Message from Mr Quach

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Friday 16 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this letter finds you well. As we come to the end of this extraordinary year, I want to acknowledge the efforts of the community to ensure we navigated safely through the pandemic. Moving forward, we must remind ourselves we are still operating within a pandemic setting. I will send out an email on Wednesday 1 September 2021 outlining the revised risk assessment and the potential challenges we will overcome.

From September, the expectation is all students and staff are expected to attend school even if they have had contact with a positive case. Learning from the lessons of this year, the school will notify all families in a year group where we have been informed of a potential case. The students who have had direct close contact with a positive case will be required to take a test when they come to school and if they test positive, they will be sent home and asked to take a PCR test.

Do keep in mind that if you or your child develops symptoms, you must be PCR tested. Testing is most sensitive within 3 days of symptoms developing. Guidelines on who can get tested and how to arrange for a test can be found in the COVID-19: getting tested guidance.

Tests can be booked online through the NHS website   Direct link is or call 119 if they have no internet access.

NOTE: Do not send your child into school in September if they display symptoms (continuous cough, temperature, loss of smell/taste).

In addition, I am excited to inform you that The Sele School is expanding in student numbers and in response, we have employed a number experienced support and teaching professionals who have chosen to join our team. Their skill sets and knowledge will increase our specialisms in areas such as pastoral support and enhance our current provision.

Finally, please note the following dates for September 2021:

Wednesday 1 September 2021 – Staff Inset Day (school closed to all students).

Thursday 2 September 2021 – Staff Inset Day (school closed to all students).

Friday 3 September 2021 - the school will only be open to our new Year 7 students for their Transition Day. This will allow us to run the Induction Programme and provide our future Year 7s the opportunity to make new friends as well as be entered onto the school system such as cashless catering and library cards. This will be a reduced day, ending at 2pm.

Monday 6 September 2021 - the school will officially be open to all year groups; students are expected to arrive for an 8.40am start. We will also have school photos taken on this day.

On this note, I wish you and your family a wonderful summer break. Stay safe and myself and the entire team at Sele look forward to greeting your children back in September 2021.

Kind regards

C Quach


Message from Mr Quach

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Thursday 15 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope this email finds you well. 

Today, we received notification of a positive case of Covid-19, in Year 8. This has led the school to send home 36 students who have had close contact with the positive case.  

We are only one week away from the end of the summer term. In order to see through the year, we all need to make sure we continue to practice social distancing and be Covid aware. We have rescheduled citizenship day for September 2021. 

As for Sports day, we have modified it so it will be conducted as track and field events (outdoors) and also in year bubbles. The schedule is as follows: 

Sports Day Monday 19th July 

Track and Field Events only. 

Only students who have signed up for track and field events including relays are to attend. All other students in normal timetabled lessons. 

Period 1 

Period 2 

Period 3 

Period 4 

Period 5 

All students in lessons as normal 

Year 10 

Year 8 

Year 9 

Year 7 

 Please note this is not in consecutive order and is scheduled as such to fit in with existing PE lessons.  

Kind regards 

C Quach 


New House System for September 2021

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 7 July 2021

Dear Parent or Carer 

I am writing to inform you that as of September 2021, we are redeveloping the Sele School House structure. The House system is one of the many pastoral structures that helps guide and develop a whole school ethos. It crosses the year groups and Key Stages giving direction, purpose and opportunity.

Every student throughout the school will have the opportunity to participate in an increased range of events with the goal of achieving House points. The House with the highest points for the term will gain awards and prizes. The House with the overall highest points will win the House cup for that year. In addition, each House will have student leadership opportunities including ‘House Captain’. For this role, one student will be selected for the year, his/her job will be to help to lead the House, gaining highly valued employability skills that will benefit their future.

From September all our students will be allocated to one of the four Houses:

Challenge, Ambition, Knowledge and Scholar

These Houses represent the school's vision of I.S.C.A.L.E: Information (Knowledge), Scholar, Challenge, Ambition, Leadership and Empathy and the ethos surrounding our motto “Non Ducor Duco” (I am not led, I lead)

From September 2021 – all students will be allocated to the new Houses and will be given their House badges.  Siblings will be matched into the same House. 

I look forward to updating you on the how the House cup challenge is progressing.

Kind regards

Steve Millar

Assistant Headteacher

Message from Mr Quach - end of term and CV-19 restrictions in school

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 6 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers 

From Monday 19 July, Government will most likely lift current Covid restrictions which means all schools can return to normal operations. Therefore, staggered starts and finishes will end from Monday July 19 2021.

For the last week of term, (19 – 22 July) all students will be expected in form rooms by 8.40am and will be dismissed at 3.25pm on Monday and Wednesday and at 3.00pm on Tuesday.  Thursday 22 July is the last day of the summer term and students will leave at 12.30pm on this day. 

There is a slight change to the early dismissal routine for students from September, students will be expected to be in their form room by 8.40am.  They will be dismissed at 3.25pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and at 3pm on Thursday and Friday.  From September, there will not be any early leave allowed for students travelling by public transport.

As part of preparing students for the changes, we will be asking students to move from class to class starting on Monday 12 July but Covid restrictions are still maintained for that week. 

Furthermore, the following strategies will be maintained after 19 July 2021 

  • Students will continue to spend their break and lunch in their designated year zones 
  • The canteen remains closed at break but lunch will resume to table service
  • Students will continue to wear PE kit to school on days they have PE timetabled 
  • We will continue with “no lockers” as we have not seen any negative impact on school operations since they have been abandoned due to Covid 
  • Seating plans in class will remain but staff will be allowed to make adjustments as needed to maintain effective learning environments 
  • Toilets will remain in Key Stages

Sports day will run on Monday 19 July and Citizenship Day will operate on Tuesday 20 July. 

Finally, Government will most likely ban mobile phones from being brought into schools from January 2022. At this stage, our mobile phone policy continues but please be aware we may need to make amendments as instructed by the Department for Education. 

Kind regards 

Mr C Quach 


Safety Message

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 6 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

A local secondary school has reported to us that in the Hertford Heath area, a stranger in a black van was asking a student if they would like a lift to school. This incident was reported to the Police. Please can I ask all parents to remind their children of the need to be safe and the concept of stranger danger.

Working in partnership with our local schools, we will continue to monitor and support our community. Please report any suspicious behaviour to the police.
Kind regards
Mr C Quach; Headteacher

Message from Hertfordshire County Council

The following message from Hertfordshire County Council was sent to parents and carers on Friday 2 July 2021

Hertfordshire County Council have asked us to share the following with all parents/carers: 

As you will be aware, there has been an increase in positive cases of Covid-19 recently, many of these in our early year and education settings. The Government and Public Health England have provided guidance to early year settings and schools on what they need to do when they are notified of a positive case at their setting. 

There is a dedicated team, including infection prevention control (IPC) nurses, who support schools to deal with any positive case(s). Close contacts of a positive case, including students and staff, must self-isolate at home for 10 days. This is required by law and we have no ability to change this locally.  The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of transmission and to protect the school and wider community. On some occasions, due to the nature of school buildings and mixed classes across year groups, this can mean that whole classes and year groups must self-isolate. We have fed into national agencies and the Department for Education that we need a national system for the new school year that minimises disruption to your childs’ education as much as possible. 

We know that being in nursery or school is best for children’s development and wellbeing and we are working hard to keep the number of children self-isolating at home and learning remotely to a minimum. Please be patient with your school when they are asking for your support on self-isolation as they are simply following the mandatory national Government guidance set out for them and the advice of the infection control support team. 

You can help us to protect your school community by following the Government guidance on hands, face, space and fresh air. Parents, carers and children in 7 and above should be taking regular rapid tests at home and book a confirmatory PCR test if they test positive. If children are generally unwell, they should be kept at home just in case and if they have any Covid-19 symptoms (a new, continuous cough, change or loss of taste or smell, a temperature) you must book a PCR test at: 

Message from the Headteacher

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 29 June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. It has been just over one year since I took on the post as Headteacher at The Sele School and your support throughout my first year has helped us navigate through Covid and two cycles of Teacher Assessed Grades for Year 11 and Year 13. 

I am proud to be the Headteacher of The Sele School and proud of what our students, your children, have achieved this year and will achieve in the years to come. 

However, this academic year has not come to an end yet and there are still several more weeks for us to journey through. Can I ask that all parents remind their children to be vigilant as there is a rise in Covid cases in Hertford. I do not want to tempt fate, but every other local secondary school has had to close year groups or sent large bubbles of students home to self-isolate. We have not had to do this, and I believe the reason why we have been so successful is because our students and families are aware of Covid safety and apply this every day in school and, I hope, outside of school. 

Please, keep testing, keep social distancing and keep washing hands. If we do this, we offer the best chance for every child to be able to come to school feeling safe and ready to learn. 

Kindest regards, 

Mr C Quach


Years 10, 11,12 & 13 - Awarding Grades for Summer 2021

The following message was sent to parents and carers of students in Years 10 - 13 on Tuesday 22 June 202. If there are any queries, please contact Mrs Walsh

Dear Parent or Carer, 

We have now successfully completed stage 1 and 2 of the process in Awarding Grades for Summer 2021. Our Examination Policy has been approved by JCQ and our BTEC work has been sampled and the grades have been approved by the awarding body. All of the students evidence has been collated, moderated internally and externally, and all grades have been agreed and submitted.   

We are now currently going through the stage 3 process of submitting requested evidence samples to the awarding bodies for approval.  We have followed all processes rigorously, adhered to all of the rules and regulations set by JCQ and have every faith that the grades we have submitted will be approved.    

Can I remind you that students can collect their results on the following dates and times: 

Tuesday 10 August 2021 

Year 13 – 8.30am to 10.00am

Year 12 – 9.30am to 10.30am 

Thursday 12 August 2021 

Year 11 – 9.30am to 10.30am

Year 10 – 10.30am to 11.30am 

We wish students good luck and look forward to sharing their success on results day. 

Kind regards 

Mrs Walsh; Data, Assessment & Examinations Manager

Year 6 Induction and Summer School

On Monday 21 June, the following message was sent to pupils in Year 6 who will be joining The Sele School in September 2021  

Good morning

Please find attached two letters.  One with information about Induction Evening and the other regarding the Summer School.  These letters will also be posted out to you today.

As this is the first email I have sent to our new Year 6 parents, please reply to confirm you have this email so that I am aware that you have received this important information.

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager

Returning Books to the English Faculty

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Thursday 17 June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

During this academic year, the English Faculty has allowed students to take text books home with them, both to ensure that they had a copy at home during potential self-isolation and to prevent our curriculum from being disrupted by the period of remote learning.

Unfortunately, we are now missing several texts and we are making a plea to all parents to help us to ensure that any English text books are returned to the school as soon as possible.  This year, the following texts were taught to students:

Year 9‘Refugee Boy’ and ‘Animal Farm’

Year 8‘Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Year 8 Literacy Group and Year 9 Literacy group‘Skellig’

We are asking for your help in checking to see if your child has a copy of any of these texts at home and to ensure that if they do, they are returned. 

If your child has any other books that they may have borrowed from the English Faculty or from the school library, we would be grateful for the prompt return of these as well. 

Also, if you find any English or library books that have been borrowed by older siblings, we would be grateful for the return of these too.

Many thanks for supporting us in this matter.  I am sure that you are aware that schools run with very tight budgets, so the cost of lost books can be hard to absorb.

A box will be left outside reception so that books can be placed inside without the need to come in to the school.

Kind regards

The English Faculty

Year 10 Work Experience

The following message was sent to parents and carers of students in Year 10 on Friday 11 June 2021

Dear Parent or Carer 

As you may be aware, we hope that Year 10 students will be participating in a week of work experience later this year.  It is planned to run from Monday 5th July until Friday 9th July. Work experience is a great opportunity to help students understand and develop the key skills and personal qualities which are sought by employers and to develop maturity and self confidence in an adult setting.  The work experience is organised by YHC who due to the challenges of working in a pandemic will only be able to provide a limited number of placements.  Your child will be given instructions on how to access and use the online booking system in an assembly presentation, so that they can begin the process of choosing a placement. 

As there are a limited number of placements we know some may be disappointed as they may not secure a placement.  If more than one student selects the same placement we will allocate the place to the most suitable student and where possible offer an alternative to those not selected. The initial allocation will be made after period 6 on Wednesday 23rd June. It will therefore be necessary for students to choose placement before Monday 21st June.  Allocations will be made based on the choices submitted and the suitability for the position.  

Should students be able to secure their own placement, this would greatly enhance the scope of this year’s programme. Students in this position should request and submit a completed request by Wednesday 23rd June.  “Own placements” will be subject to checks by HYC to ensure they provide a safe and suitable working environment. Students that have not made a selection will be offered a placement from any remaining options.  Should it not be possible to find a suitable placement, students may be expected to attend school as usual and will be taught a condensed curriculum for the duration of work experience. 

In these difficult times we will continue to take guidance and respond to any changes locally or nationally with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic and may alter or cancel these arrangements as necessary at short notice.  

If you have any questions about work experience or wish to organise a placement independently of this programme, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school, preferably by email in the first instance. 

Yours sincerely

Mr R Atkins; Teacher

Information for Years 11 and 13

The following message was sent to the parents and carers of students in Years 11 and 13 on 10 June 2021

Dear Parent or Carer

Over next day or two your son/daughter will receive a letter in the post, informing them of the evidence we have used to award them a grade. Please take the time to discuss this evidence with your son/daughter and complete the reply slip on the letter which needs to be returned by Monday 14 June.

Once all of the Teacher Assessed grades have been submitted they will go to examination boards for approval and in some cases, moderation of evidence. Following moderation, Examination Boards can increase or decrease the grades awarded by our teachers. Results will then be released to students on results day when we are notified by the exam boards of their decisions.

Kind regards 

Mrs Walsh; Data, Assessment & Examinations Manager 

Additional Covid Update

The following message was sent to the parents and carers of all students on Thursday 10 June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Earlier this week, I had alluded to the possibility that students will be moving between classes from 14 June, however, based on current information, we will delay this and will review again in a week. 

Therefore, we will continue as we are currently doing, with bubbles, staggered starts, social distancing and outdoor social times. I advise students to continue to wear face coverings if they feel comfortable to do so. 

Kindest regards

Mr C Quach


Covid Update

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Monday 7 June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope this finds you well.

Over the next 14 days, the Senior Leadership team will be closely monitoring the Covid cases in our school and the surrounding area. With a local secondary having an outbreak on the last week of school, before half term and one staff member being told to self-isolate by NHS contact track and trace, it is imperative we continue with a cautious approach. The last thing we want is to have to send year groups home in this final half term.

On 14 June 2021, we plan to allow students to move from class to class. I will confirm by email at the end of the week if this goes ahead. The school reserves the right to revert back to classroom bubbles if we have an increase in cases on site at a later date. 

During this period, we will continue with the staggered start/finish to schools, social distancing and zoning of areas. As per norm, our approach is always open to review to allow us to respond appropriately to the current and future situations. 

Kindest regards, 

Mr C Quach 

A message from Herts County Council 

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Thursday 27 May 2021 and is from Hertfordshire County Council:

Thank you all so much for playing your part and helping to keep case rates of Covid-19 low in Hertfordshire. During half-term, and as restrictions ease more generally, it’s more important than ever that we follow current guidance to help keep each other safe and our nurseries, schools and colleges free from outbreaks. 

Please do not send children back into education if they are sick or feel unwell. If you or children have symptoms you must self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test at: 

Reminder of some of the latest guidance from 17 May: 

  • 6 people, or two households (each household can include a support bubble, if eligible) can now meet indoors and up to 30 people can gather outside
  • If you are meeting with family and friends, the government is asking that you personally consider the risks associated with COVID-19 when deciding on things like wearing face coverings and social distancing for both you and your children
  • Restaurants, pubs and cafes can reopen and so can indoor entertainment and attractions such as cinemas, bowling alleys, museums and children’s indoor play areas. All of these services will have COVID-secure measures in place, please encourage your children to follow the rules when out and about 

Travelling within the UK 

If you do go away, you should aim to do so safely. For instance, one of our close neighbours, Bedford, has a high number of cases and people are being advised to avoid travelling in and out of the area unless it is essential (for work or education). 

You can find the latest travel guidance for England and the rest of the UK at: 

Travelling internationally from England 

There are no longer any restrictions on leaving England to travel internationally, however to protect public health in the UK and the vaccine rollout, you should not travel to countries or territories on the red or amber lists. 

If you do need to travel to an Amber destination for an emergency, you must update any setting attended by your child(ren) and;

  • All family members who have travelled must quarantine for 10 days at home upon their return and can only leave home to take a test
  • Paid for PCR tests must be completed by all those who have travelled aged 4 and above on day 2 and again on day 8 following your return
  • Please do not send children back to nursery, school or college without completing the mandatory quarantine period 

Testing at home with Lateral Flow Devices (rapid tests) 

During half-term you should continue to encourage children in year 7 and above to test and report their results as they have been in term time. 

We would be grateful if you could ensure that children in year 7 and above take a rapid test on Sunday 6 June ahead of their return to school. Should they receive a positive result they must begin self-isolating immediately and book a confirmatory PCR test. Any student with symptoms of Covid-19 or feeling unwell should take a PCR test immediately and not attend school. 

Parents and carers of children of school age are also encouraged to take regular rapid tests. You can find your nearest collection site or order online at

Please only complete rapid tests on children in year 7 and above. 

We would like your help to share a survey about testing with Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs) with students in secondary school and above, all staff and parents and carers. 

Your responses will help us to find the best way out of the pandemic. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday 28 May 2021. 

Support for families 

This is a challenging time for everyone, and we want you know that help and support is available for anyone who needs it in Hertfordshire. HertsHelp can provide free, confidential advice and practical help for things like food, essential bills and emotional support. Call 0300 123 4044, email or visit 

We hope you enjoy half-term and remember – hands, face, space, fresh air and test. These key things will help to keep you and your loved ones safe.  

Hertfordshire County Council  

Medical Information Request

The following message was sent to parents and carers of all students on Thursday 29 April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

At The Sele School our student’s health and welfare are of paramount importance. As our health and medical needs can change over the years, I wish to ensure that the school has up to date medical information, particularly in relation to asthma and allergies. 

If your child has either of these conditions, please email me the student’s name along with which (or both) condition they have, so I can make sure we have this noted on their records. If your child has another condition that you do not believe you have informed us of, then please let me know this as well.

If your child has an allergy specific to a particular food, please detail this. If the allergy is related to something other than food, please specify the trigger, i.e. insect bite, medication etc.  Please let me know if your child has an EpiPen and if they carry this with them all the time.  

Once I have clarification as to which students have allergies, I will be able to send you information that may be relevant to your child’s condition, in relation to Anaphylaxis.

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager

Year 9 Art Competition

The following message was sent to parents and carers of students in Year 9 on Wednesday 28 April 2021

Dear Parent or Carer of Year 9 student

Please see document below giving details of a Royal Mail Art competition that Year 9's may be taking part in during Art lessons.

Please contact Mrs Brady if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Mrs Brady; Art Teacher 

GCSE and A Level - Awarding of Grades in Summer 2021

The following message was sent to parents and carers of students in Years 10 - 13 on Wednesday 21 April 2021

Dear Parent or Carer 

Please find attached information regarding the awarding of grades for Summer 2021. You can also find JCQ guidance for Students, parents and guardians at JCQ-Guidance-for-Students-and-Parents-on-Summer-2021.pdf and information on rules and regulations here Information for candidates documents - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications.

Please ensure that you read all of the guidance with your son/daughter and the Candidate Confirmation form is signed and returned by Friday 30 April 2021. 

Kind Regards 

Mrs Walsh; Data, Assessment & Examinations Manager

If there are any queries, please contact Mrs Walsh 

Updated Track and Trace Information

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Friday 16 April 2021

Dear Parent or Carer

As we begin this summer term we would like to remind you that the Government has expanded its lateral flow testing to all individuals not displaying symptoms, and that test kits are widely available. We will be sending more home with the students at the beginning of next week. This system aims to enable us to remain covid free at school and for all students to be able to access on-site education.

Whilst infection rates are decreasing, there is still a requirement for anyone who has any coronavirus symptoms - a high temperature, new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell - to book a lab-based PCR test. Individuals should self-isolate until the test result and we ask that parents notify the school of this so that any student can be included in a ‘teams’ lesson if they are self-isolating.

We also ask that school is notified in the normal way of any PCR test results (email result to The enhanced track and trace service will also automatically inform us of any positive PCR results to enable us to trace any close contacts at school and reduce possible transmission.

All the systems to keep us covid secure at school remain, with separate bubbles and staggered timing for the beginning and end of the school day. We would appreciate your further support in requesting that parents/carers avoid driving onto the school site to drop or collect children from school, this will minimise the risks to our students whilst they move around the car parks.

Kind regards

Jan Morgan

Assistant Head 

Summer Term PE Kit

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 13 April 202. Any queries should go to Miss Tait please 

Dear Parents and Carers

Summer Term PE Kit

As the Summer Term is upon us, I felt it would be useful to review expectations with you, so that we can work in partnership effectively to secure favourable outcomes for all our students. This is a simple reminder that students need to come to school in the correct PE kit on days that they have PE lessons.

This Consists of:

  • Sele PE shirt
  • Plain Black and only Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/Leggings
  • White socks or Sele Football socks (please note tights are not to be worn with PE kit)
  • Plain black tracksuit top or Sele Hoodie

(Plain = no large writing or symbols; small brand logos are acceptable).

In addition to this, a waterproof jacket will soon become available for order through Kids Connection, our normal PE Kit supplier.

These are the only accepted PE Kit items, should you have any issues obtaining the right PE Kit please contact the school to discuss how we can help support you and your son/daughter to manage this.

Please be aware that from Monday 19 April, any student in incorrect PE Kit will be sent home to change before returning to continue their school day.

Kind Regards

Miss G Tait; Head Of Physical Education 

Year 9 GCSE Options

The following message was sent to parents and carers of Year 9 students on Friday 26 March 2021

Dear Parent or Carer

Students in Year 9 have reached the stage in their education when it is time to go through the GCSE options process.

As students begin to take the next significant step in their educational journey, it is imperative that a variety of aspects are considered, such as academic and creative strengths, interests, and an understanding of the subjects that will support them in their future education and career choices.

The GCSE options booklet for 2021/2022, provides you with information on the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and details of the optional subjects available in our GCSE curriculum. I encourage you to read through the information provided and contact subject teachers with any questions you may have.

On Tuesday 20 April between 4pm and 5.30pm there will be a virtual options evening, which will provide you with the opportunity to drop into presentation sessions and discuss any questions you may have with subject teachers.  

On the students Teams account there is a Year 9 Options area which has the options booklet as well as a video and guidance on the process and the completion of the option choices form.  

Final option choices must be submitted remotely by Friday 23 April. If we do not have a selection by that date, we will liaise with your child and complete the process during Period 6 on Monday 26 April.

Please follow the link or QR code on the attached copy of this letter.

Year 9 Options 2020 - 2021

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns around the use of Technology.

Kind regards, 

Miss Samantha Burgess

Assistant Headteacher 

Letter from Arriva Buses

The following letter was sent to parents and carers on Friday 26 March 2021 at the request of Arriva Buses

Dear Head Teacher 

As government restrictions are lifted and non-essential retail, outdoor hospitality, indoor leisure, and outdoor settings begin to reopen from 12th April we will be ramping services back up to meet demand. This will result in some minor changes to school journeys. I have attached some information on how our bus services will be running to ensure that all those wishing to travel with us can still do so safely and confidently. 

Please rest assured that all our buses are Covid-19 secure and undergo enhanced touchpoint cleaning each day. Good ventilation of fresh air is also ensured by keeping windows open wherever possible. 

To help reduce the amount of physical contact between pupils and drivers, we are asking pupils to only use contactless payment or pre- purchase tickets via the Arriva UK Bus app. Cash will only be accepted as a form of payment in exceptional circumstances and where the correct fare can be paid, our drivers will not be able to provide change at this time. 

A reminder on bus travel that are operating slightly differently, details of which are outlined below: 

1. We will have buses reserved for school, sixth form and college pupils only, the route number for these services will begin with an “S”. Pupils from any year group and from any school or college located on the route can travel on these buses. If pupils from your school do need to travel on the same bus as those from another school, we are asking them to sit with those from their own school, ideally from their own year group. Where possible we are asking pupils to maintain social distancing, although capacity on these buses will be increased allowing students to sit next to each other and standing if necessary. The seats behind the driver and any facing each other will be marked off and should not be used. Government guidance is that all pupils over the age of 11 must wear a face covering, exemptions apply. We encourage pupils to also carry hand sanitiser with them and use it before getting on and off the bus wherever possible. 

2. To help increase capacity, we will be adding in additional journeys on certain services and in some cases, we will be running two buses at the same time so that both those travelling to and from school or college and keyworkers travelling to and from work can do so safely. Some buses running will be supplied by the local authority and will not look like an Arriva bus. As per government guidelines, social distancing will be required on these services and is clearly marked out onboard. All those over 11 must wear a face covering, exemptions apply 

If the route your pupils usually travel on does not begin with an “S” it means that there is no dedicated school bus. They can still use this normal service to travel to school or college, and we have ensured there is plenty of capacity on these services. As per government guidelines, social distancing will be required on these services and is clearly marked out onboard. All those over 11 must wear a face covering, exemptions apply. 

I have attached a PDF document that outlines the details of what is happening in your area and would be grateful if you could share this information with your pupils and parents. We have created some visual assets that might be of use to help you share this information which you can also find attached to this email. 

Full timetable details can be found in the Arriva UK Bus app which is free to download from the app store or via 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your colleagues the best of luck with settling your pupils back into school. After such a long time apart, I am sure everyone is extremely excited to be back together again. 

Yours sincerely

Years 7, 8 & 9 - Art, Design and Technology Practical Lessons

The following message was sent to parents and carers of students in Key Stage 3 on Monday 22 March 2021

Dear Parent or Carer,

I am delighted to inform you that all KS3 Art, Design and Technology practical lessons will commence as of Tuesday 13th April.

A range of practical based activities in food, computer aided design, 3D sculpting and paint have been designed, so that your son/daughter can access new content of the curriculum to enhance their experience of The Creative Arts. A carousel system has been implemented so that groups rotate every 4 to 5 lessons. Notice will be given so that each group is fully aware of the expectations for the next practical activity.

Health and Safety restrictions under COVID has had several implications on the way the practical sessions are delivered. Students will remain in their year group, but class sizes for Design and Technology have been condensed. Students will move to a designated practical area which has been safely prepared, following risk assessments in place under COVID.

I hope your son/daughter takes the opportunity to fully embrace the practical activities on offer during the Summer term so that they can embrace the practical skills involved within The Creative Arts. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

Kindest regards, 

Miss Samantha Burgess

Reminder - Accessing remote learning: PE, Music and Drama 

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 16 March and is a reminder for students in the specified year groups who may be accessing remote learning from home. 

Dear Parent or Carer

Please see attached information regarding accessing PE, Drama and Music lessons IF a student is accessing remote learning from home; this was previously sent last year.  Students in school will have normal lessons on site.

The PE message is relevant to ALL students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

The Drama and Music message is relevant to all in Years 7, 8 and 9 and only relevant to GCSE Drama and Music students in Years 10 and 11.

Kind regards

Mrs L Vivian; Head of Performance

Letter from the Director of Public Health Hertfordshire

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Friday 12 March 2021

Dear Parent or Carer

Please see attached letter from Jim McManus, Director of Public Health.  This letter contains important information about students return to school including Lateral Flow Tests.

From next week, we will be issuing all students with home testing kits for their use.  The weekly issue of these kits will be dependant on the supply from Government and the letter has details of where you may get kits if the school does not have stock. The kits should contain instructions for home use and how to upload results to the Government website.  Any student or household member that has a positive result must inform the school and follow the isolation period as per Government guidance.

Kind regards

Chris Quach


Equipment for remote learning at home

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 20 January 2021 from Mrs Brady 

Dear Parent or Carer

We hope that home study is going well and that our students are able to be proactive in their learning. Everyone's knowledge with online protocol and learning is improving day by day and we are seeing some fantastic understanding and learning taking place.

May we also remind you that not all subjects are able to complete their work on the computer. With this in mind, may we ask that you check that your children are well stocked with equipment they may need.

On a basic level this will consist of a full pencil case consisting of blue and black pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and sharpener, plus plain paper and class workbooks (where used). It would also be beneficial if you could provide, colour pencils and pens. For those taking GCSE and A level Art and Design subjects, we would also recommend paints (watercolour and acrylic) and brushes.

If you will have difficulty in providing the materials for Art and Technology, please email Mrs Brady (

Kind regards

A Brady; Art and Design Department

Ofqual consultation on summer examinations 2021

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Monday 18 January 2021

Good afternoon

Please see attached letter (below) regarding the consultation on the awarding of GCSE, AS and A Levels (Summer 2021).

The full set of proposals can be found here:

And the link to respond is here:

Please refer to the attached letter in the first instance.

Kind regards

C Quach; Headteacher  

School Choir

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 9 December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Sele School Choir have contributed to the Hertford Town Council's 'Carols With The Mayor' Christmas Concert. The recording will begin airing from Friday 11 December at 4.30pm, on the Hertford Town Council You Tube page. 


Please tune in to see The Sele Choir in action.
Kind regards, 
C Quach; Headteacher

Access to remote learning for students

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Thursday 3 December 2020 and is intended for anyone who is isolating and working from home.

Dear Parents and Carers,
I have been made aware there might  be some confusion  around how to access remote learning. Please be aware that students must access their lessons via Teams.
Below is the link to a video tutorial
I hope this helps and thank you for your cooperation,
Kind regards,
Mr C Quach; Headteacher

Community Message from our Local Police Force

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Thursday 3 December 2020 

Dear Parents and Carers 

Community Message from our Local Police Force 

The Police have asked me to forward on the following link about community voice to promote with students and parents.

They are looking to get young people’s views on how people feel about crime and disorder in their local area. There are two questions to complete and it is anonymous. It can be accessed via this link.   

If you have any specific questions about this, please contact Stuart Orton at  

Kind regards,
Mr C Quach; Headteacher 

FOSS - raising funds for The Sele School

The following message from the Friends of Sele School (FOSS) was sent to parents and carers on Monday 16 November 2020

Dear Parent or Carer 

Many of us are shopping online, and more so than ever this year! With Black Friday fast approaching and Christmas in just 6 weeks’ time, it would be very much appreciated if you would please download the free Easyfundraising app and the Friends of Sele School would financially benefit, at no extra cost to you. 

In excess of 4000 retailers, including John Lewis, eBay, Amazon, Just Eat etc. will donate to our school for FREE, every time you use the Easyfundraising app to shop with them. Please sign up today; it’s simple to use - all you have to do is simply sign up and do your usual online shopping and remember to shop via the app. 

Many thanks and happy shopping.

Lynn Seewraj

FOSS - Friends of Sele School  

Accessing remote learning via Teams

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Friday 23 October 2020

Dear Parent or Carer
Should students be required to work from home, they will access lessons via Teams.  Please see information below and copy and paste the youtube link to follow instructions.
"Instructions to explain how your child can access remote learning via Teams" please keep this link saved on your internet favourites toolbar
Kind regards
Judith Adams; Office Manager


Please note that for convenience the video can also be accessed directly from our Learning during the Covid 19 Emergency page.

Years 10 and 11 - GCSE Pod

The following message was sent to the parents and carers of students in Years 10 and 11 on Thursday 8 October 2020

Good afternoon

In order to ensure our students have the best access to revision materials and the best possible chance of success in their exams, we have invested in GCSE Pod.

This platform undoubtedly works best when the learning carried out at school is consolidated at home.

Students will be receiving an assembly on the use of GCSE Pod over the coming weeks but prior to this we would be very grateful if you could look at the attached powerpoint and start using the platform with your child.

All Year 10 and 11 students should be aware of their login and password but please do not hesitate to contact me if they have lost this or need reminding of it. Please direct any query to 

Kind regards,

Simon Luxton 

Show my Homework

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Thursday 8 October 2020

Good morning,

In order to facilitate learning at home and to help students organise their work, we use the Show my Homework platform. All students and parents or carers have logins for this but we do understand that these may go missing sometimes.

If you need to obtain a reminder of your or your child's login details, or indeed if you have any queries at all regarding Show my Homework, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Simon Luxton  

SIMS Parent Lite APP

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 7 October 2020

Dear Parent or Carer

Thank you to all those parents that have already downloaded the SIMS Parent Lite App.  For those new to the school and others that do not yet have the App, you will shortly receive an email inviting you to download the App; we would like all parents to accept this invitation and follow the step by step instructions to set up the SIMS Parent Lite App. Available on iOS, Android and computer browser, the SIMS Parent Lite App provides a convenient and accessible solution for parents to electronically review and request changes to the data held on themselves and their children.

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager

Letter from Hertfordshire County Council Director of Public Health

The following letter was sent to all parents and carers on Thursday 24 September 2020 

Dear Parent or Carer

We have been asked to distribute the attached letter and information from Jim McManus, Director of Public Health for Herts County Council, to all parents and carers. 

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager

Letter from Public Health England re: CV-19

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Wednesday 23 September 2020

Dear Parent or Carer

We have been asked by the Department for Education, to distribute this letter from Public Health England to all parents and carers. 

The intention of the letter is to answer some of the questions parents may have around testing and students attending school.

Kind regards

Mr C Quach; Headteacher  

Duplicate bus service

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 22 September 2020

Dear Parent or Carer

Please see letter attached (Duplicate Bus Services - September 2020) sent on behalf of Jayne Abery,  Strategy and Policy Manager,  Admissions and Transport at Herts County Council

Kind regards

Judith Adams; Office Manager 

Year 10 Hospitality and Catering Practicals during CV-19 

The following message was sent to parents and carers of Year 10 Students on 17 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible experience of the G.C.S.E course that your child is studying, we have worked hard to look at how we can deliver the practical component of this course whilst adhering strictly to safety guidance. 

We have considered each student’s safety, and to ensure that the practical session can take place, several checks have been made.

To reassure you, the following actions will take place to ensure the safe running of each practical session:

·         Each student will have their own individual workspace.

·         Each student will have their own unit containing their own utensils.

·         Sharp knives will be stored separately but sanitised before use.

·         No other year group will be using the room at this point in time.

·         Guidance from CLEAPS states that major appliances can be shared and students will share a cooker and a sink area between two.

·         The initial lessons will be reviewing skills so should be completed independently.

·         Ingredients will be provided to minimise items being brought into school.

·         Following the observation of a demonstration, students will plan their task and organise their time appropriately.

I hope that by outlining the process that we will follow for Hospitality and Catering practical lessons, you feel reassured that your child’s health and safety remains our priority.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Ms de Biasi; Hospitality and Catering Teacher        

Instrumental lessons at The Sele School

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Tuesday 8 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers 


From Monday 14th September, students will be able to access instrumental tuition at The Sele School which will be provided by Herts Music Service. The students will be given all the necessary health and safety information before starting lessons which will ensure that they are able to participate safely. 

If you wish to register for your child to have instrumental lessons, you will have to visit the Herts Music Service website and fill in a lesson enquiry form. All payment and administration for the lessons is dealt with by Herts Music Service. 

If there are any questions with regards to music lessons, you can email me at and I will be happy to help.

Kind regards 

Mr Maundrell; Music Teacher 

Safe travel to school

The following message was sent to parents and carers on Monday 24 August 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The Sele School and Hertfordshire County Council have been working with public and private transport providers to ensure travel to school is as safe as possible for children and young people. All government and public health guidance is being followed. To reduce travel disruption and congestion around the school please read the official guidance at

The link will provide the following key messages: 

•             Use public transport safety guidance – on dedicated school services and public transport

•             Duplicate bus services – HCC are running duplicate vehicles on busy routes to assist with social distancing

•             HCC will have officers in place at the start of term monitoring pupil movement and congestion and we will act quickly to try and overcome specific problems

•             E routes will run as normal but are likely to be split by school to minimise pupil interaction

•             Reducing congestion – guidance on forming ‘Walking Bubbles’ to reduce congestion around the school

Kind regards,

Mr Chris Quach


The Sele School Response to the Black Lives Matter Movement

The message below was sent home on Monday 22 June 2020, please click on the link below: 

The Sele School Response to the Black Lives Matter Movement 

Open letter from Minister Ford to parents and carers of SEND students

Please click on the link to access an open letter sent to the parents and carers of SEND students by Minister Ford 

Open letter to parents and carers of SEND students