The Sele School

School Council

The Student Council consists of two representatives, one girl and one boy, from each Tutor Group.  Form Tutors are responsible for organising the tutor group elections.  Year Council meetings are managed by Senior Students and Prefects, although as students become older, they are encouraged to manage their own meetings.  To allow for consistency representatives will hold the position for two years.  They will either be elected for a further two years or there will be a change of representative.

All representatives are clear as to their role and sign a contract which outlines their responsibilities.  Council representatives are identifiable by the “School Council” badge that they are awarded.

Year representatives collect issues to raise at Key Stage Council meetings from their respective tutor groups.  Tutors provide representatives with the opportunity to report back to their tutor groups after Key Stage Council and full School Council meetings.

The Sele School Council is organised by the President of the School Council, a Sixth Form Prefect with specific responsibility for the Council.  They are helped by the Senior Student with responsibility for the School Council, who is a Year 11 student.

The Student Council meet once each half term.  Key Stage 4 meets on a Tuesday registration time and Key Stage 3 on a Wednesday registration time.  There is one meeting held over a lunch time with both Key Stages together with Key Stage Managers in attendance.  The Inclusion Manager attends Council meetings and other staff may be invited by the Council if considered appropriate by the President.  The President is responsible for delegating the typing and distribution of minutes to members of the Council.  These are then discussed with the Headteacher and members of the Senior Leadership Team, information is then passed back to Key Stage Councils and back to Tutor Groups so that all students area aware of outcomes and actions.