The Enhanced Curriculum

The Sele School Enhanced Curriculum allows students the opportunity to participate in activities as an integral part of the timetable. A wide variety of extra curricular clubs, booster sessions and Tutor Time have been scheduled for Period 6, allowing students the opportunity to participate in exciting options as well as  providing time to enhance their studies.  

Period 6 Activities take place on Wednesday, usually between  3.00 and 3.25pm. Students are notified of the timetable for Period 6 each term; attendance at Period 6 activities is not optional and students must attend their selected activities.

The Period 6 Programme for the current term is listed below: 

 ♦ Chess Club ♦ Meditation and Mindfulness ♦ Battle of the Directors ♦ Rugby   ♦ Nature Documentaries ♦ French Club ♦ Reading and Uno Club ♦ Netball 

 ♦ Babysitting Qualification ♦ Ukulele Club ♦ Computing and Coding ♦ Maths         Games ♦ Cosmetic Chemistry ♦ Developing Play Scripts ♦ Spanish Club ♦ Robotics

 ♦ Creative Writing ♦ Drama Club ♦ Trampolining ♦ Photography ♦ Board Games   ♦ Golf ♦ Football ♦