The Sele School

Travel to School

The Sele School is easily accessible by a variety of means of transport.

We are keen to encourage the use of active and/or sustainable travel where possible and are pleased to announce that we have been awarded Modeshift STARS Bronze Accreditation for our school Travel Plan.  




School Transport

The County Council makes provision for the transport of students from Bramfield, Bayford, Brickendon and other outlying areas. For information on assisted places, or on all savercards and ID cards please contact the Passenger Transport Unit Helpline 0300 123 4043 or refer to the website

Please note - it is our understanding that students travelling without a Herts Saver Card and paying cash may be liable to the full adult fare for their route. To ensure that this doesn't affect you please make sure you have a Herts Saver Card (if required) - purchased from  

Contract Coach

Routes at present are as follows:

E65         From Little Berkhampstead

R66        From Stevenage

R88        From Datchworth

R879      From Welwyn

Please contact Reg’s Coaches on 01438 822000

Public Transport

Sele School is on a bus route with bus stops only a short walk from the Main Entrance. Served by Arriva Buses there is a regular service into Hertford where the bus station provides a number of options for onwards travel.  

Arriva Buses have a direct debit payment scheme available for travel to school - the Arriva Scholar Direct Debit Scheme or for those studying at college - the Arriva Student Direct Debit Scheme.

The school is also close to Hertford North Mainline Station and can be reached on foot or by bus direct from the station.

Walking to School

Although situated on a B road which is quite heavily used, there are a number of safe crossing points which are either pedestrian controlled traffic lights or Zebra Crossings, in the vicinity of the school. These make it easier for students wishing to walk to school to do so in safety. If walking please ensure that students are aware of the need for safe and sensible behaviour on their journeys to and from school.

Cycling to School   

While we are keen to encourage students to use sustainable transport options where possible, we are also very mindful of the potential dangers that may be faced by cyclists as they travel to and from school. We wish to ensure that all our students are safe and that any who choose to cycle do so in a safe and responsible manner and do not endanger either themselves or other road users.    

With this in mind we have introduced a permit system for students who cycle to school. No students will be permitted to cycle to school unless a permit has been issued; please follow the link to the Cycle to School Permit Application Form. After the agreement has been signed and returned we will issue a cycle permit which will be valid for one year. 

Arriving at School by Car 

If arriving at school, or being collected by car, parents must not drive into the school grounds and should not stop or wait near to the school entrance. Please park with consideration for other road users if travelling to school by car.  

Due to concerns for student safety at home-time there is no vehicle access to the site between 3.10 - 3.40 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday or between 2.50 - 3.10 pm on Tuesday or Friday.   

We also ask that parents avoid parking in, or near to, the rear entrance of the school. Parking in this area blocks access for delivery vehicles and staff; it also presents a hazard for cars coming off the roundabout into Thieves Lane. Thank you for your consideration.