The Sele School



Sele School Uniform       

Please find below a summary of the uniform items, further information and details of PE kit are at the foot of the table. Students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times.




Maroon with school badge

Trousers or Skirt

Dark grey


Plain white long or short sleeved worn with school tie


Maroon with school badge

Socks or tights

Black or grey ankle socks or black or grey tights

Pullover (optional)

Maroon ‘V’ neck knitted pullover worn with the blazer


Fashion belts may not be worn


Plain black leather or leather look shoes

(not trainers or trainer-like shoes)

Winter coat

Plain dark coloured

Please note - shoes with heels higher than 2cms, platforms, stilettos, extreme wedges and trainers are not acceptable. Hooded tops may not be worn as an alternative to a winter coat.

Uniform items can be purchased directly from Kids Connection, 14 Market Place, Hertford SG14 1DQ. 

The school uniform is to be worn as follows:

  • Ties worn in a traditional manner 
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times with top buttons fastened at the neck
  • Skirts must be at least down to the knee and not pencil slim with slits
  • Trousers (school regulation type) should be of a reasonable width and length.   Denim, cords, skinny trousers or leggings are not acceptable.
  • Blazers must be worn at all times, in school and whilst travelling to and from school, unless permission is given to remove them.
  • A winter coat may be worn to and from school.  


Students may wear one pair of small studs, in the ear lobes, if their ears are pierced. One plain nose piercing, (single piercing and only in one nostril) is allowed but must be covered by a plaster whilst in school uniform. No other piercings are allowed on the face, the body or in the mouth.

For Health and Safety reasons all jewellery (rings, earrings, nose piercings etc) must be removed for PE.

Wristwatches may be worn; however, the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.  

Hairstyles/Make Up 

Hair should be of a natural colouring with no extreme of cut or colour. No make-up is permitted. 

PE Kit

All students must have a separate bag for their PE kit. 

Boys (Compulsory) PE Kit

The Sele School Rugby Shirt

The Sele School Polo Shirt

The Sele School Black Shorts

The Sele School Sports Socks

Girls (Compulsory) PE Kit

The Sele School Polo Shirt

The Sele School Black Shorts or Skort

The Sele School Sports Socks 

Optional PE Kit

The Sele School Sweatshirt

Tracksuit bottoms

Rain Jacket

Dance Top/ Dance Bottoms

Please note that PE kit is no longer available direct from the school but can be purchased from the school's outfitters, Kids Connection, 14 Market Place, Hertford SG14 1DQ. Please make sure that students PE Kit is clearly labelled with their name.